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Addressing mental health issues visit PAR: Pause and Reflect: Your path to  wellness start here in Delhi

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Psychology Therapy

For Every Kind Of Mental Stress

Psychological therapies are sometimes referred to as 'talking therapies'. They involve exploring psychological difficulties that are getting in the way of how we would like to feel.


At Every Situation

To restore someone or something to a previous condition or place means to cause them to be in that condition or place once again. We will restore her to health but it may take time.


In A Continuous Process

Distractions and interruptions can break your flow, and drastically affect your performance at work. Find out how to avoid these types of situations and several ways to improve your work performance.

Sakshi Bhushan Founder at Pause and Reflect

Know About Us


Sakshi Bhushan

I work as a psychologist in New Delhi, India. I also practise positive psychology and mindfulness. I also teach online. Since I was in my early 20s, I have been passionate in learning psychology, and I have dedicated my life to making the world's mental health system better. I have been using my skills, experiences, and therapeutic methods to assist others get through difficult times and discover hope inside themselves. Making individuals accept and be kind with themselves is how I envision working. The way you feel about yourself is reflected in your feelings and emotions, which is what other people will notice about you. My goal is to make a difference in the lives of as many individuals as I can. I want individuals to have a deeper understanding of themselves and to move on in life. I have been practising with various groups of people that have a range of challenges, and I have assisted them in resolving those concerns, which has led to personal progress.I hold a Master's in Clinical Psychology and am a licenced positive psychology and mindfulness practitioner. I hold a psychotherapist licence. I've studied Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, CBT, Existential therapy, and Psychoanalysis.


5 Year of Experience


1K+ Happy

6 Components of Mental Health

In-person therapy


Physical Health

Intellectual Health

Enviornmental Health

Self Care

People having a  consultation with pyschologist

Services That We Offer


Teens Consultation

For Better Development

Teenage is phase to thrive in the life. You need to remember the failure are the feedbacks of your own success.


Family Consultation

For Every Family Problem

Family is a group of people that we pick or don't choose, but they are all accountable to one another.


One to One Consultation

For Every Family Problem

The process of working through a client's problems with a therapist one-on-one is referred to as psychotherapy.

psychology center in Delhi

Couple Therapy

For Couple Goal

Relationships in our lives bring out the best in us, but occasionally we neglect to focus on our own qualities.



For Women

Elevate Your Potential, Embrace Your Brilliance, Thrive in Every arena!


Clients Testimonials

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Psychology is not a course for everyone to grasp, but Sakshi can make it very adaptable and interesting for anyone. Her teaching methods are not traditional and she does not always go by the book. But she will make sure the concepts are well understood and leaves room for questions. In my experience of doing a study tutorial with Sakshi, I thoroughly enjoyed her situational examples which were so relevant to the study material that it made learning even more simpler. She will give time to discuss new areas and will make sure to proceed only if the base of the topic is clear. Thank you Sakshi for making psychology fun for me and giving me the platform to exercise my understanding of the course.

-Shveta Kheylani

download (61).jpg

I am 66 years old. Due to Carona pendemic, I had anxiety/loneliness. My wife is kidney patient and two children who are busy in their work. I wanted to consult some psychologist online. Searched on internet and telephoned to 7-8 persons.  Only 4 responded.  Out of four 3 of them had asked Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 per session, which I was not interested to pay. Ms. Sakshi Bhushan talked me and me and asked for Rs. 800/- per session of one hour online for which I agreed.  I started taking sessions from her online and now after one year, I had lot of improvement. Main thing I observed that in this busy time, none of your relative/friend wants to listen your disease/suffering and if by chance one is prepared to listen, he wants that his suffering may be listened first.  I had opinion that one should talk to Psychologist like Ms.Sakshi with whom you can share and get the optimum results.  I had made lot of improvement.  I wish best of luck to Miss Sakshi.

-Feedback by anonymous

download (61).jpg

Hi Sakshi, you have been taking classes for so long. I remember those were wonderfully amazing, though online but I never felt like this although. Each and every classes were engrossed with some little different facts which amazed me that how much connected we r to the universe. "Mind speaks but we never value it and so we can't understand the realm of life"..... Happy to inform that I involved my parents during the last ending of classes, which gave then a genuine perception of fewer thing. Thanks for your co-operation Sakshi. Because of your classes there were more a very brighten change that today I am involved with many other courses which I know we're there earlier but could not actually figure out that way................. Thanks. . .

-feedback by pooja

download (61).jpg

Dear sakshi
I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I have learned a lot from you. Before joining your class i have very less knowledge about my subject, you guide me, you introduced me to new things and educate me. And it was exciting to be in your class, everyday i was looking forward to it. I am glad i got a chance to be your student and learned from you. I enjoyed each and every class of yours and And I also appreciate your efforts and the way you handled your students.
Thank you so much


download (61).jpg

Thank you Sakshi madam, for your valuable class. Your sessions were very good and you
made us understand the concept and it was really fun, whn we had interaction during the
sessions. The notes which you provided were very useful and informative.
Today I am capable of doing my project on my own is because of this your class. Thank you
once again.������


download (61).jpg

I was undergoing a very stressful phase of my life. Everything was a mess, was not able to
relate with my child, when with child used to worry about work and vice versa, and even had
severe mood swings. One night was one such night, that i decided to leave house at 2am bcz
my 1.5yr old was not willing to sleep. Well, that was the last straw, my husband said i needed
therapy as m not in a right phase of mind. Then i met sakshi. She was very humble and down
to the earth lady. She understood my problem very well. She diagnosed me with post partum
depression. She told i will be good to go in 6 sessions. And those 6 sessions changed my life.
She helped me sort out my life mess. Me and husband got on better terms. And now my child
is a mumma's boy. All thanks to her and the scheduled therapy.


download (61).jpg

sakshi mam gave us the insight of the clinical psychology and introduced us to the pathology of the subject and she was providing a great service as a mentor ��


Our Unique Philosophy Guides

Pause and Reflect

We have found that people are running at very fast pace in their life,While running and going ahead in their lives people become impulsive and Impatient, Thus it creates  stress in life. On the contrary if people take a moment for themsalves and pause for a while, That pause will make you analyse the situation and people better also they reflect on the outcomes by themsalves, It will reduce the stress, confusion and probability of taking the wrong decision.

"Sometimes we just need to Pause and Reflect .....Eventually!!

Every Piece will fall into Place."

persin sitting stress free in mountains
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