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Sakshi Bhushan psychologist  at Pause and Reflect Psychology consultations centre in delhi

About Us

About Our Psychology Consultations Centre in Delhi

PAR offers a safe place to express one's feelings and offers support for dealing with psychological problems and mental health. Our goal is to keep the body and mind in harmony. You are free to express your darkest phobias, ideas, or emotions. Together, we strive to accept and improve ourselves.

Pause and Reflect Psychology consultations centre


Therapies & Treatments

couple therapy at pause and reflect Psychology consultations centre

Couple Therapy

Relationships in our lives bring out the best in us, but occasionally we neglect to focus on our own qualities or those of our partners and what is best for us as a COUPLE instead of comparing ourselves to others.

one to one consultations at Pause and reflect Psychology consultations centre in delhi

One to One Consultant

The process of working through a client's problems with a therapist one-on-one is referred to as psychotherapy. The therapist will be dealing with PTSD, emotional traumas, self-concept and identity disorders, despair, anxiety, and many other psychological issues during this process.

family consultant at Psychology consultations centre in delhi

Family Consultant

Family is a group of people that we pick or don't choose, but they are all accountable to one another. We describe one another. It is a body collective where all acts are specified and accountable to one another.


People Trust Us

We are professional and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists

offering private psychological therapy and psychiatry. We offer the most effective, tailor made approaches for your difficulties.


Leading Specialist

The top-ranking in Clinical psychology is Sakshi Bhusan studied Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, CBT, Existential therapy, and Psychoanalysis.


Carefull Therapy

Your sensitivity is a gift, but it can feel like a curse. It convinces you to put everyone else’s needs above your own, leaving you drained. Your sensitivity guides your intuition and serves as protection.


Best Treatment

Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies. This approach focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations.

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We are a Group of Professionals and Experienced Psychologist and psychiatrists

couple pyschological therapy
Treatment at Psychology consultations centre Delhi
patient getting consultation at Psychology consultations centre in delhi
couple therapy at Psychology consultations centre
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