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A treatment that address human suffering should be rigorously evaluated to determine  their effectiveness

Services that we offer



The process of working through a client's problems with a therapist one-on-one is referred to as psychotherapy. The therapist will be dealing with PTSD, emotional traumas, and identity disorders, anxiety, and many other psychological issues during this process. In order to comprehend the client and lessen his suffering, the therapist creates a therapeutic environment that is safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and agreeable.  The therapist establishes a rapport with the patient, gets to know him and his issues, and addresses the problem at its source The therapist will serve as a mirror, slowly revealing the overlapping problems and guiding the patient toward a better version of themselves.

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Family is a group of people that we pick or don't choose, but they are all accountable to one another. We describe one another. It is a body collective where all acts are specified and accountable to one another. Therefore, we must strike a balance between our personality and the needs of the entire family. In order to build happiness in our life, it is crucial to balance taking care of the family with taking care of oneself.


Relationships in our lives bring out the best in us, but occasionally we neglect to focus on our own qualities or those of our partners and what is best for us as a COUPLE instead of comparing ourselves to others or becoming so preoccupied with ourselves that we begin to take other people for granted. In pair counselling, the therapist will strive to close communication gaps and help you comprehend your partner's point of view. Sometimes, when we are angry or enraged, we say things that we really didn't mean to say, which escalates the conflict. The hope of your connection will be demonstrated to you by the therapist with the aid of specific therapy and tasks.



Teenage is phase to thrive in the life. You need to remember the failure are the feedbacks of your own success. You are capable of achieving your goal and you can make your life the way you want. All you need to be gentle with mind and be reflective towards the actions.Here you will learn to pause in your running life and learn to reflect on the situations and the actions so that you can choose better for your ownself.The teenage years are a crucial time in life. You must keep in mind that failures are feedback for your own successes. You are capable of reaching your objective and creating the life you desire. All you have to do is practise mental gentleness and act intentionally. In order to make better decisions for yourself, you will learn how to halt in your running life and reflect on situations and actions.


Clients who participate in group therapy learn how to communicate and interact with others, which enables them to express their problems and consider alternative viewpoints. It enables people to become more self-aware by listening to those who are experiencing similar problems. Therefore, group therapy would be the most effective therapeutic option for clients who want to express their emotions with other individuals.We will cover issues like stress management, anger management, anxiety, mindfulness living, and other topics in group therapy.



We just need to Pause and Reflect….. Eventually……Every piece will fall into place

In order to solve an issue, psychology therapy for all types of mental stress enables us to identify its underlying causes. As the client gains a clear understanding of who they are, therapy will allow us to break down the walls in their lives. In talk therapy, the therapist will address the feelings and thoughts and thoroughly examine the behaviour to determine its underlying causes.


Restoring confidence and Work improvement at every situation is a continuous process. Thus it increase the responsibility to create acceptance among ourselves and of the change that happen around us. It will create a calm personality and a happy mindsets

Restoring Confidence

Academic frameworks help psychology enthusiasts gain a deeper understanding of the field and move into their own zone of proximal development. Children with specific needs will receive academic support.

Academic Scaffoldiing

•For one to one assistance INR 3000/-

•For group assistanceINR 2500/-

•Expandable Up To Two Hours

•Study materials will be provided

Academic Support

•750 per person

•Expandable Up To Two Hours

•Online Sessions Available

•Individual assistance provided

•Worksheets will be provided

Group Therapy


•Open for everyone

•On Mental health related issues

•Virtual session

•Psychology activities will be done

Webinar and Workshop



Programs We Offer


This program is made for anyone who wants to learn basic of psychology. To enroll in this you do not need to have any prior knowledge about the subject,they just need passion to learn.


This program is  designed for student who already have basics knowledge about psychology and wants to learn more about psychological disorders; their diagnosis and treatment.


This program is  designed for those who want to learn about the role of counsellor,ethics of counselling and the process of counselling and counselling techniques.

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All our meetings are confidential and the information is protected. Do not worry about your defense.

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I guarantee only 100 % professional high quality services for you. I offer the best services.

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You can call me any time of the day. I am always ready to support you in any difficult situation.

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I have 5 years experience in private practice, working with people who have problems.

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I try to develop and reach new heights. I attend various trainings and seminars that help me.



I will never leave you in a difficult moment. Call me right now and make an appoinment.


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Career Counseling

Youth is filled with talents and potential, they just need right guidance and awareness of the options and of their own strength. PAR is here for that. We provide free career guidance to teenagers for better growth in their career.


Transform Your Career & Well-Being: 12-Week Career Wellness Program


One-Time Payment: Pay the full program fee upfront for a 10% discount.
Monthly Installments: Spread the cost over three months with equal payments.


A copy of your e-book on stress management and work-life balance.


Are you a career-driven woman experiencing stress and seeking personalized support to achieve work-life balance and career success? Look no further!
offer a comprehensive 12-week "EmpowerHER" Career Wellness Program tailored specifically for women like you. This program combines personalized therapy, coaching, and resources to help you conquer stress, boost confidence, and advance in your


  • In-depth mental health assessment and goal setting.

  • Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions.

  • Stress management and mindfulness training.

  • Work-life balance and time management coaching. 

  • Confidence-building and assertiveness skill development.

  • Career growth and leadership coaching.

  • Access to a supportive community and resources.

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