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  • Sakshi Bhushan

Happiness Blog

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Happiness is all about the journey and live that journey and every moment to fullest. It is not about the destination but how you get there. It’s not about what you can achieve, but how much of that is in have. It is the most beautiful essence that person feels or experience when he is walking on the path of success.

We all are in a myth that reaching our goal and achieving success is our ultimate happiness. IS IT?? REALLY?

NO, not at all, the road to success makes you happy, your hard work, your efforts and it’s accomplishment makes you happy. Happiness is not something that you can find in outside world. It is you and it is different experience for everyone. Something that makes me happy, doesn’t mean that it will make others happy too.

Happiness is the way of living, the approach that you have towards your life and a positive mindset that makes you happy. Really happy and you don’t need any reason for that. You will observe that optimism is the part of your life. And now you live every moment for the fullest.

So, to make a happy life I will suggest you 5 ways. It will detox your thoughts and create awareness that happiness is in you and for you.

1. Focus on your present: Our main problem is either we dwell on past or worry for the future. But we forgot we are missing something very important, “Our PRESENT”. Have you ever thought what about that. We are actually wasting our present on something which is already happened or about to happen. And we cannot do anything for both of them. Focus you present live that moment, enjoy that time. This time will never come again make most of it.

2. Gratitude and appreciation: It is an important aspect of living that mention in every religion. It is the simplest way of creating happiness is by giving happiness to someone by the act of gratitude and appreciation with big smile. Try it, for a whole day show your gratitude and appreciation to your close ones and even stranger, and observe the impact of it on them. They all will be happy and smile for the whole day, and their reaction give you some contentment and happiness too.

3. Healthy and tasty food: Good food is a stress buster and it activates happy hormones. Good food doesn't means just oily but fresh salad, sandwiches and other healthy baked food, is delicious and it keeps us healthy. Healthy body is directly proportional to healthy mind. SO after good mean you will full, energetic and happy.

4. Meditation and relation techniques: Simple exercise of mindful breathing will relax your brain nerves. And after few minutes you feel yourself getting relax and calm. This will create sense of contentment and gives you a perceptive to focus on your goals more effectively. There are more relaxation techniques. I have just share the simple one, but you can practice more.

5. Grooming: Groom yourself, it is very exciting and effective. We should pamper ourselves and groom ourselves improper interval like, you can go for spa, shopping, trying new hair color or hair style, and so on. these little change that we play with ourselves, it maintain our love for ourselves and we would always remember that we need to focus on us too. And this change make you fallen in love with your oneself.



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